About Napoli


Let me tell you about Naples…… My hometown, Naples is a wonderful city no matter what you have heard!!!! I am really proud of being Napoletana. Not only of the beauty of the city but it is all about the people. Neapolitans are basically very happy, warm, generous, loud, and excitable. Do I have enough adjectives?  We are also people with a lot of faith. Our patron saint is San Gennaro, and we all pray to him for the  Grazia….. Whatever that might be or need. We turn to San Gennaro to help us. We might be all those things and more… but most of all we have a heart. We love life. Every day is a different day. Being Napoletana is being happy. You don’t have to be rich! You are just happy because you have a new baby, a new friend, a wonderful dinner with your whole family, a celebration of some kind. Maybe we are the way we are because of the Vesuvius explosion 2000 years ago. Enjoy today because tomorrow (Chi lo sa!)  That is what being Napoletana means!!!

Neapolitans are very proud of their skills, whether it is making a great pizza or creating a work of art or other accomplishments.  Let’s not forget all the beautiful music and popular songs known all over the world like “O Sole Mio”  “Santa Lucia”  “Oi Mari” all sung in the unique Neapolitan dialect which is a language of its own.  Oh, I almost forgot… the best cooks and food in the world…pizza margarita, sugo al pomodoro, the best espresso..the birthplace of limoncello.  We have Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri’, La Grotta Azzurra, and much more….. We feel that we are truly blessed with it all!