About the Cookbook

118 Favorite Recipes from Clelia’s Cucina Italiana is Clelia’s unique collection of her own original recipes, as well as her version of popular Italian favorites, many accompanied with an appetizing full-color picture so that you will know exactly how to present your dish.

This cookbook is different from many other Italian cookbooks because:

  •  Clelia was born and raised in Italy, which gives this book an authentic native influence.
  • Many of these recipes are Clelia’s own creations not found anywhere else; as well as her own versions of popular Italian recipes that everyone enjoys. 

Clelia’s show, Clelia’s Cucina Italiana, has been airing on cable television since 1995. It is one of the longest running cooking programs on television. In that time, she has taught countless fans how to cook hundreds of delicious Italian dishes like “Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Pancetta, Gorgonzola, and Dried Figs” and “Beef Braciolettine a Modo Mio” (her way), or “Salmon with Pignoli Nuts and Fresh Herbs” (also her own way). This cookbook will teach you how to prepare these dishes.

Clelia will tell you the secret to cooking like an Italian. When you start creating these beautiful and delicious Italian dishes, picture yourself in a wonderful Italian village where everything is fresh out of the garden and the birds are singing, the children are playing, and somewhere you hear the sound of a wonderful song or music that Italians are known for. That should help you to create those wonderful dishes that you will find in this book.

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